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Feedback from my Emotional Therapy clients...

Clients tell me that, whilst this therapy is not an easy path to take, the rewards are so great that life becomes more meaningful and their full potential is realised. As they say to me “Life itself doesn’t get any easier, but that doesn’t matter as somehow I can now cope with it, whereas I couldn’t before”.

More comments from my clients...

“… a really wonderful and gentle approach to healing, yet very powerful.”

“Even though we dealt with my deepest emotional traumas, I always felt safe, supported and guided.”

 “ET really goes to the root of things and changes how you feel.”

 “The visualisations work on such a profound level and the results have been truly life saving and life changing for me.”

 “Anne has a lovely way of pacing each session, never appearing to force the pace .”

“I feel I have been given something very special, that's my own and no-one can destroy.  I can feel a special strength that gets me through difficulties.”