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What's new?

Covid-19 update

Due to the most recent government advice, centres where Anne provides therapy sessions are currently closed.

If you are seeking therapy, Anne is continuing talking therapies by phone and so may be able to help you. Telephone Anne on 01547 530977 to find out more.

Meanwhile, Anne is continuing with her handwriting analysis reports, which can be discussed over the phone or by email and supplied by post. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone Anne on 01547 530977 or via email on annecummings@thewritetofeel.com

Forthcoming workshops and courses are currently suspended

Have you experienced Anne's exciting and enlightening All About You workshop? It could change your life and you will discover who you really are, your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do to make your life happier, healthier and more successful. For more details telephone Anne on 01547 530977.

Perhaps you are interested in learning about Graphology? Anne is putting together a graphology course for beginners.

If you want to find out more or would like either of these courses to be held near you just telephone Anne on 01547 530977 or contact her via email on annecummings@thewritetofeel.com


Forthcoming talks in 2021

Talks over the next couple of months have been postponed. However, Anne is now booking for talks in 2021. If you would like Anne to give a talk on Graphology or Emotional Therapy to your community group or at your event, please contact her on 01547 530977.

Anne test drives the IPEVO VZ-R

Anne continues to enhance her talks using the innovative yet easy to use 8Mp document camera, also known as a visualiser, which has kindly been entrusted by IPEVO to Anne to use and review. The VZ-R has enabled Anne to entertain the audience with her knowledge and expertise and all without the aid of a computer. Nevertheless, it can be connected to a computer and using the supplied software opens up a variety of exciting opportunities. For more information about IPEVO, the brilliant VZ-R and their other educational equipment, go to Useful links.


Media Coverage

What your Handwriting Tells the Llangunllo WI by Ai-Heng Byron, featured in The Radnor, May 2018.

We had a true Encounter with Anne Cummings a qualified Emotional Therapist and Graphologist. On Tuesday 10th April we were taken on an amazing journey of self discovery about ourselves by Anne Cummings. Her husband Colin assisted by expertly setting up the document camera Ipevo VZ-R. Apparently we were only the third group to use this state-of-the-art viewer. Anne explained to us her passion for reading and analysing handwriting. She then proceeded to decipher samples of our own handwriting we had prepared beforehand. A Graphologist can tell the character and personality of the writer by interpreting the style and structure of each letter and word. The insights into our characters and personalities, gained from Anne's expertise were interesting and very intuitive, and all the ladies present agreed with her accuracy of each of us. She also gave insights into how each of the members could progress and make changes in their lives, by modifications in behaviour. Based on her experiences in the field as a Graphologist she gave an insight for the future. If children are not taught to write properly with pen and paper, this vital and important life skill will be lost, with only computer fonts as the personal expression of ourselves. Modern technology will rob society of an age-old means of communication, that needs nothing more than a stick and sand. The sad demise of the hand written word.

Featured on the Ashford Carbonel website. Caynham Ashford WI Feb 2016. When we scribble down our shopping lists, do we ever think what our handwriting says about us. Our speaker Anne Cummings, a graphologist, briefly told how the upper, middle and lower zones of our writing and the angle of slant define our personal traits and characteristics. She explained how graphology is used for psychological analysis and other various assessments. Some of our members anonymously submitted samples of their writing for scrutiny. I'm sure Anne's evaluations were spot on but we will never know as the scribes didn't own up......although we all had a very strong suspicion of who they were!! It was a very fascinating and interesting talk.

Our Script Tells Our Story. We were eager to hear Anne Cummings discussing "Graphology." We all gave a sample of our handwriting and Anne discussed each submission and what she could tell us about our personalities. It was most interesting, and we were all trying to figure out whose writing was whose, as no names were given. Felindre WI (May 2015) in The Beacon.


Website Changes

This is where you will find details of the most recent changes to Anne's web site. If you have visited Anne's website before and want to know what has changed since the last update, have a look here first.

Website last updated 2nd February 2021. Special book offer for Christmas removed.

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