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Featured on the Ashford Carbonel website. Caynham Ashford WI Feb 2016. When we scribble down our shopping lists, do we ever think what our handwriting says about us. Our speaker Anne Cummings, a graphologist, briefly told how the upper, middle and lower zones of our writing and the angle of slant define our personal traits and characteristics. She explained how graphology is used for psychological analysis and other various assessments. Some of our members anonymously submitted samples of their writing for scrutiny. I'm sure Anne's evaluations were spot on but we will never know as the scribes didn't own up......although we all had a very strong suspicion of who they were!! It was a very fascinating and interesting talk.

Our Script Tells Our Story. We were eager to hear Anne Cummings discussing "Graphology." We all gave a sample of our handwriting and Anne discussed each submission and what she could tell us about our personalities. It was most interesting, and we were all trying to figure out whose writing was whose, as no names were given. Felindre WI (May 2015) in The Beacon.

Llanfair Waterdine WI's May 2015 meeting about graphology with Anne Cummings was reported in The Beacon. She is highly qualified in her field and we all learned quite a lot about ourselves but she was very kind! Everyone found it fascinating and it has led to a lot of discussion about behaviour and attitudes.

Anne is a trained graphologist and after a short introduction to the subject she analysed samples of our hand writing that we had handed in anonymously. Great fun was had by all as we tried to guess which character description applied to which member. Bucknell WI (Jan 2015).

From Village Scene following Anne's talk to Hampton Bishop WI in October 2014. We each gave a sample of our hand writing and put our name on the back. Anne then proceeded to describe the character of the person and their traits. She had us enthralled and we could usually guess exactly who she was describing. We all found the evening very entertaining.

Featured in The Pyonear in May 2014. The Pyons WI. At the last meeting, Anne Cummings had us all gripped when she gave a talk on What your handwriting reveals about you, and she gave some very accurate assessments of our personalities, which amazed us all.

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