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What is Graphology?

bullet Graphology is the evaluation of handwriting to determine character, disposition and aptitudes. Like body language and facial expressions, our handwriting reveals our personality, and reflects our thoughts and feelings as we put pen to paper. 
bullet Handwriting is closely linked to impulses from the brain, whether we use our hand, foot or mouth to write. It is a barometer of our emotions, as well as our physical and mental health. It evolves as we do, matures with growth, and alters as a result of physical, mental or emotional change or trauma.
bulletHandwriting analysis is a logical method of personality assessment, supported by statistical research. 
bullet One advantage of analysing handwriting is that it can be done at a distance, as when you have supplied a sample of the writing the subsequent report can be posted back to you, and followed by a telephone call from me to clarify any queries.

If you wish to have your handwriting analysed please contact me by telephone on 01547 530977 or by email on annecummings@thewritetofeel.com

How can I benefit from having my handwriting analysed?

bulletSelf understanding
An accurate and unbiased look at who you really are will identify your strengths, weaknesses and special skills. Many people find that such an analysis can highlight solutions to areas of current difficulty.
Assesses your compatibility in personal, social and business partnerships. This shows how all parties relate to each other and thus the best way of communicating can be ascertained.
bullet Vocational guidance
Identifies the type of career that would suit you best. Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole in your current employment? Maybe you've just been made redundant, or need a change of career?
bullet Recruitment & selection
Businesses can save time and money by matching the right person to the right job. With the majority of people in jobs not suited to them they cannot be expected to perform their best. Graphology is therefore a useful tool in the recruitment of the ideal person.
bulletTeam Building 
As with compatibility above, team members who do not get along together can affect the Company?s profits. Through the analysis, not only will members be in the best position for them as individuals, but they will be able to work more effectively as a team as well.

All of this, and more, can be discovered from a sample of your handwriting.

       Feedback from my Graphology clients

Ethical Policy

All members of the British Academy of Graphology and the British Institute of Graphologists adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, with an assurance to clients of complete confidentiality.

Did you know?

Did you know that we can change our handwriting? By the use of hand-writing exercises and/or affirmations we can modify some of the negative traits in our personality, and replace them with those that are more positive. This is Graphotherapy and it is effective with both children and adults suffering from disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and behavioural problems.


Graphology can be fun

On a lighter level, Graphology can be used as an entertainment feature either at a large function or a small group or community event. Each booking is tailored specifically to the needs of the occasion and with respect to the sensitivities of those taking part. So, if your company is planning to hold open days/evenings, talk to me about making it an event with a difference.


Contact me and ask me to come along and give a talk to your group or ring me and ask about my forthcoming workshops.

By the way, if you feel tired, lonely or depressed, symptoms like these may be caused by suppressed emotions. See What is Emotional Therapy? and give me a ring to book an appointment.